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Salida Colorado Real estate
brown bar for salida colorado real estate
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Legislation is constantly added to protect your interests in a real estate transaction, but
there is no substitute for knowledge when it comes to making good decisions and getting
the best value.   The links below will be beneficial to your understanding of the players
and the process.
There's nothing worse than losing your dream property because you weren't ready
to buy.   Review this information to be sure you "have your ducks in a row" when it
comes time to making an offer.
Realtors are required by law to explain the "Definitions of Working Relationships" to
all buyers and sellers.   It is important for you to understand who is representing who
and to what extent.  Follow the link above to read the text..
Does it cost you money?  Do you benefit from it?  Are you sure?   If not, read on....
A quick guide to understanding title insurance.
Consumers concerned about financing a new home in today's uncertain housing
market should start with a trip to MortgageTown, a new Web site
( launched by the National Consumers League to help
prospective buyers better understand the benefits and risks of homeownership.
A must read.   Just start at the top of the list on the left side of the page.   The
headings will open up sub-headings as you go.   Read them all.    You could easily
spend a few hours on this site and you should.   This is the biggest purchase you've
likely made in your life and is worth investing the time.
Understanding Buyer's Agency
Understanding Title Insurance
The tax credit equates to a refund of up to $8,000 and it is not just for first time buyers.  
You may qualify.