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Purchasing a patented Mining Claim provides the same benefits as any other
privately-held real estate property owner.
  In the historic mining towns of Colorado it is
not uncommon for much of the property in the area to be patented mining claims.  Many of
the homes, schools, churches, restaurants, etc. right in town are built on patented mining
claims.  And the majority of cabins and homes you see out in the middle of BLM or National
Forest land are set atop patented mining claims.   Patented mining claims transferred land
from the government to individuals just as deeds are used to transfer ownership of property
among private individuals.  Generally there are no restrictions on the use of the land unless
they are located within a subdivision or city or county zoning plan that imposes restrictions
on all property within the defined area.

Further explanation is below.

While most real estate sites and advertising list these properties as "mining claims" by
definition there is a difference between a "mining claim" and a "patent."

As is the case with most of these listings, if the listing describes real property for sale it is
referring to a patented mining claim.

Patented Mining Claims differ from unpatented in that patented transfers ownership of land
and unpatented does not.

A "patent" (patented mining claim) is a parcel of claimed  public land which the federal
government sold to the claim holder. A patent, or patented claim, is no longer public land;
both the land and the minerals contained in it become the property of the patent holder.

A "claim" (mining claim) does not provide the holder with the right to use the land for any
purpose other than mining or milling. But a claim does allow the holder to use as much of
the surface land encompassed by the claim as is reasonably necessary for mining and
milling purposes.

Prior to 1994 an individual or other entity could apply for a patent to mine public land.  The
property became "real" property when the government issued deeds and the property
transferred into private ownership. Although this land was held by a patented mining claims,
many of these claims were never mined and so remained untouched.

Although there are thousands of these small mining claims in Colorado, the total amount of
land held as mining claims makes up a very small (single digit) percentage of the land in
Colorado.  Many of these patented claims are in remote and beautiful areas and are
generally bordered by or near public land and are considered "prime" by those looking for
privacy and mountain property.  

Congress has imposed a moratorium on new mining patents since October 1, 1994.

There is still a claim process by which a claim holder can still mine public ground, but cannot
receive a patent (or ownership) of the land.
Interested in Colorado mining claims, Colorado mountain property, or Colorado cabins for
sale?  The listing cart below will bring up a general list of available properties currently listed
in the "mining claim" category in the following areas:  Alpine, Bonanza, Buena Vista, Canon
City, Coaldale, Cotopaxi, Garfield, Guffy, Hartsel, Hillside, Howard, Leadville, Maysville,
Moffat, Nathrop, Poncha Springs, Saguache, Salida, Silver Cliff, St. Elmo, Swissvale, Texas
Creek, Turret, Twin Lakes, Villa Grove, Westcliffe.  
The following is not represented as legal advice.  Please seek legal advice or contact local governing
authorities if you have specific questions or concerns regarding regulations pertaining to mining, mineral
rights, or use of  these properties.

I would be happy to set up a listing cart like the one below based on your specific criteria to
narrow down the list.  You can select the area(s) you are interested in, the price range, size
of house, size of lot, etc.  You will receive an email when new listings are added and the
listing cart will allow you to rank the properties, save notes and comments, and delete those
that are not of interest so you can keep track of the properties you are interested in.